Redemption: A Bonus Scene From The Guardian

Now available exclusively on Heroes and Heartbreakers! Unlock Redemption: A Bonus Scene from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Latest Dream-Hunter Book, The Guardian. ***SPOILER ALERT!*** In Redemption, demigod Seth and Were-Hunter/Dream-Hunter Lydia will see if light can shine through the darkness… With new plot and story line details, the bonus scene should only be read after finishing The Guardian.

Interview with Alex Grecian about Proof

Posted on 09/28/10 at 9:00 AM in Articles by Josh Flanagan After wrapping the first volume of the series with Proof #28, Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo return in December with Proof: Endangered #1 from Image Comics.  I grabbed writer Alex Grecian for a few questions about the return of our favorite sasquatch. Josh Flanagan: Proof: Endangered #1 is back out in December. Was it

SPJ awards two Harper Memorial Scholarships

By Alexandra Lopez To honor the memory of Terry Harper, who served as the executive director of the Society of Professional Journalists from 2002 to 2009, Sigma Delta Chi Foundation set up the Harper Memorial Scholarship after his death in June 2009. The first recipients are Elizabeth Donald, a reporter with the Belleville News-Democrat in

Helen Schucman – the reluctant author of ACIM

Helen Schucman was an intelligent, quick-witted and distinguished psychologist. In October 1965 did she really hear the voice of Jesus instructing her to write A Course in Miracles? The story of Helen Schucman There’s no doubt that Helen was a headstrong character. She seemed a person of opposites. Those that knew her were attracted to her

Reporter sinks her teeth into vampire romance

Myths about creatures that drink blood have been a part of most cultures. They have often been used to scare children against wandering out in the night and often these tales get so ingrained in the mass psyche that some adults fear them as well. Recently these tales have been rather romanticised. Anne Rice was